We are passionate about quality aquatic education and child safety. This goes beyond offering learn-to-swim programs for the past 21 years. We like to share our knowledge and expertise too. In this blog section you can read about a wide range of swim related topics.

SWIMSTART vouchers for Queensland Families

Hampton Swim School are delighted to be confirmed as a registered SwimStart activity provider! The SwimStart program, launched by the Queensland government, allows eligible families to apply for vouchers up to $150 for swimming lessons for their children aged 0 – 4 years of age, making swimming lessons more accessible for Queensland families. Parents, carers…


How to swim a perfect breaststroke

Breaststroke is the slowest of the four competitive strokes but uses more muscles than any of the other three strokes. Breaststroke is what’s known as a ‘short-axis stroke’, which means you pivot your body around your mid-point across your waist, while your upper and lower body are moving up and down at opposite times, just…


How to swim Butterfly

Butterfly is arguably swimming’s most challenging stroke. If you’re like 95% of swimmers, then you’ve probably had trouble mastering the ins and outs the butterfly. However, when it’s done properly, butterfly can rev up your metabolism, build impressive muscular strength and give you one hell of a workout. It requires strength in all parts of…


Top tips for improving your backstroke

Top tips for improving your backstroke: Are your knees above water during the kick? When you’re practicing your backstroke, use a kick board and place it over your knees. Then kick while keeping your knees under the water. Think ‘ballerina toes’ to keep your legs straighter, as it will minimise bending of the knees. You can…


How to improve your Freestyle Kick

“How do I improve my Freestyle Kick?”. Great question and we have a number of suggestions to help you on your way.  The kick that comes with freestyle is called a flutter kick. It is simple and efficient, if done correctly. Some things to watch out for and work on to create the perfect flutter…


How Long Does it Take To Learn To Swim?

How long does it take…? This is one of the most ‘googled’ questions when it comes to swimming lessons. And the search results will show you a pool of different answers. Why? Because learning to swim is the same as learning to walk, learning to read, learning to talk, to use the potty, or ride…