Our SwimSteps Swim Program

At Hampton Swim School, we pride ourselves on being not just another swimming school, but also a key component of your child's early education. From nervous beginners to our mini squad, our SwimSteps Learn to Swim Program has been developed to incorporate a series of graded class levels that enable children to build and practice key skills and techniques.

Our SwimSteps is a progressive approach that ensures children learn with others at a similar level and progress through our unique SwimSteps benchmarks. Once achieved, a graduation certificate is received as part of our unique congratulatory ceremony after each class, in front of their parents and peers.

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Our Service Coordinators are continually assessing swimmers to ensure they are in the appropriate level and are always on hand to answer your SwimSteps questions.

We incorporate a swim-float-swim sequence into our SwimSteps lessons, to ensure each swimmer through our program is provided with a solid foundation to their aquatic education, to make them safer in and around the water. As part of our SwimSteps program, swimmers are taught to be comfortable in both the front and back positions, to ensure they are given the best possible tools if ever confronted with a dangerous aquatic situation.

Our SwimSteps lessons

Our SwimSteps lessons are 30 minutes in length and class sizes are capped at a maximum of 4 students per teacher. Our SwimSteps swimmers are in our foundations levels where swimmers start out building comfort and confidence in the water ahead of capability.

All SwimSteps levels are conducted without parental assistance in the pool, learning independently from our experienced and qualified team of teachers.

Parents can follow their child's progress through our easy to use online portal and app.

We will do everything we can to help you with your busy schedules, finding suitable class times that would benefit your child's learning the most, and arrange for make-up classes.



"Hampton's offers a very well-planned program that transitions children through each learning phase of swimming appropriate to their age.  Each of the stages link together with gentle progressions ensuring swimmers are progressing but not overwhelmed.  I feel like my kids are learning such important skills and that they could help themselves if they ever fell into a body of water."

"I love the staff, swimming teachers and support team. My children love sticker week and moving up to new levels and I am thrilled with their new skills and how far they've both come in the pool. Hampton Swim School has quality programs and are ever evolving with things like the new online portal."

"HSS has given our boy the ability to believe in himself - he achieved every couple of weeks, slow and steady!  Pushing somebody that isn't ready will never work - but quality coaching will make anybody feel ready ?."

"The classes teach pool safety in a fun and engaging way. We've been very impressed with the program. The constant progression and sticker week are also loved by our boys."

"I like the convenience of managing my children's enrolment online. I also like the prompt replies to my emails from staff."

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