Parents form a great part of our swim community and their child(ren)'s journey with us. We always love hearing their stories and experiences. Would you like to hear them too? We give you a selection of their much valued testimonials in our 'What Parents Say' section.

"The proximity to home, Cleanliness (in relation to COVID-19), everyone is friendly and happy to help, the safety and comfort of the children is paramount. I have seen your teachers and staff in action and I could not ask for a better mix of people to teach my kids. The communication is brilliant."

"Love the fact that my boys can attend the school location. I work full time and being able to send them in the afternoons that are otherwise spent at OSHC, means we get more time to spend together as a family on weekends. I have only met the staff on a few occasions, but all have been very friendly and all other contact via email/phone has been great too. I loved that we received a check-in call during covid too. Clearly a company that cares about their families and not just treated as a number."

"I like the experienced mature teachers and the atmosphere of learning and dedication to that learning.  I also like the availability of classes in winter and the location of the pools.I like that my kids swim at the same time and it is at their school pool so they are familiar and comfortable with the location. I also like the format of the squad classes. Anita is great with the kids."

"Warm teachers who appear to genuinely care about children's progression, nice facilities at Cannon Hill with convenient parking, good class times."

"Clean environment, easy to access and different days/times to choose from."

"Hampton's offers a very well-planned program that transitions children through each learning phase of swimming appropriate to their age.  Each of the stages link together with gentle progressions ensuring swimmers are progressing but not overwhelmed.  I feel like my kids are learning such important skills and that they could help themselves if they ever fell into a body of water."

"I love the staff, swimming teachers and support team. My children love sticker week and moving up to new levels and I am thrilled with their new skills and how far they've both come in the pool. Hampton Swim School has quality programs and are ever evolving with things like the new online portal."

"HSS has given our boy the ability to believe in himself - he achieved every couple of weeks, slow and steady!  Pushing somebody that isn't ready will never work - but quality coaching will make anybody feel ready ?."

"The classes teach pool safety in a fun and engaging way. We've been very impressed with the program. The constant progression and sticker week are also loved by our boys."

"I like the convenience of managing my children's enrolment online. I also like the prompt replies to my emails from staff."

"I love the caring, knowledgeable and supportive staff. Our daughter was alway encouraged and supported by her teachers who have guided her to be her best without pressure. She now is a confident swimmer and we have always said that one of the best things we have done is to enroll her at Hampton Swim School since she was 4 months."

"The friendly instructors make it a great environment and our kids love going to their swimming lessons. Having the experienced supervisors observing and offering tips is also a welcome touch. Also the small class sizes make it feel intimate and help the kids feel confident."

"I have always found it easy to speak with the teachers and engage in how my daughter is doing in her lessons. Classes are at great times for us, accessible locations and the program is educational for our child."

"I am an educator and I have been seriously impressed with the structure of the learning program, the way it ties into baby development, and the steady but small progressions."

"I really appreciate that Miss Bec & Matt recognize and relate to our concerns as parents on new activities we are about to try.  Your sales and support team are testimony to the professional business you have created. They are friendly, reliable, prompt consistent. Congrats!"

"I love that the instructors remember my child and celebrate their swimming progression along with me."

"I like that the learn to swim philosophies were linked to child development stages and clearly and thoroughly explained by the instructors. We understood how the activities were linked to the appropriate milestones and how to get there. I also like that Hamptons offers a 'tween' squad. Many other swim schools do not commence squad until the child is older or has more skills or endurance, but its difficult to build up these skills and endurance unless they can participate in squad."

"The senior management team and Senior Instructors are AMAZING. Very knowledgeable and going out of their way to ensure our children are well placed in their levels. We like how the instructors are continually participating in further education and how the program is all being looked at how it could be made better by those in the know. The outdoor facilities are a big draw card too."

"We are always welcomed to class in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  I love that the teachers get to know the children on a personal level, and can share a joke with them, as well as know when to challenge them to achieve that little bit more.  It's great that classes are able to be offered all year round so the children's progress is not hindered.  It's wonderful that Hampton supports, and encourages its families to also support many community and charitable initiatives.  Hampton's communicates well with its families regarding swim school events, changes to lessons, makeup classes, etc."

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