We are passionate about quality aquatic education and child safety. This goes beyond offering learn-to-swim programs for the past 21 years. We like to share our knowledge and expertise too. In this blog section you can read about a wide range of swim related topics.

Tumble Turns for Freestyle and Backstroke

The fastest way to change direction at the wall when swimming freestyle or backstroke is using a tumble turn, also known as flip turns. Tumble Turns are a technique used to transition from one lap to the next without stopping. This is where we start our somersault with our head tucked down. Please see below for…


Laps for Life Fundraiser

            Join our ‘Laps for Life’ fundraiser this March to raise money for young people with mental health difficulties.  This March, we are raising money for ‘ReachOut’, the leading online mental health service in Australia and we’d love you to join us by swimming ‘laps for life’ to raise money,…


Important Dates

Stay up to date with Hampton Swim School’s important dates, activities and events:                                            


Hampton’s Team Feeback

Did you know our combined team tenure at Hampton Swim School equates to over 120 years? We are so proud of the longevity of the team and the consistency and comfort that brings to our swim families. As you know, our team are selected for their positive, fun and nurturing natures, and are trained in…


BabySteps Program Relaunch

At Hampton Swim School, we pride ourselves in being an industry leading swim school and we are constantly striving to deliver an exceptional swim program to our families. We understand that every child is different. Every child has different levels of experience with water, has different confidence, nervousness, anxiety, and emotional and developmental needs. Therefore,…


Top tips for Perfecting Turns

Flipping, turning and rotating uses every single muscle in your body, and that is what is needed to maximise your turns, for each stroke. Each stroke has specific rules and directional positions, which are covered in the below top tips for turns. Let’s talk turns for each stroke: Freestyle: The fastest way to change direction…