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Swimming Lessons From Brisbane’s Best

Starting Early

Hampton Swim School’s unique BabyBegins and BabySteps Programs offers variety as well as progressive steps that help build confidence. Even if your child is scared of the water, its never too early.

Continue to learn

Our SwimSteps Learn to Swim Program has been developed to incorporate a series of graded class levels that enable children to build and practice key skills and techniques. To learn more please click below.

it's Never too late

If you want to learn to swim, Brisbane’s Hampton Swim School is the perfect place to do it. Our tailored adult learn to swim classes will give you a great start in a comfortable, patient & understanding environment.

Team Accelerate is here !

We are excited to welcome you to our NEW squad swimming program for children and adults of all ages. TEAM ACCELERATE! Enquire today at

Summer is here!

Summer is well and truly here! Make sure you’re pepared and enrol into swimming lessons today.  

Adult Swim Classes • Beginners

Learn to Swim
Stroke Correction 
Swim Squad 
Private Lessons

 Morningside ∞ Norman Park 

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