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Hampton’s Team Feeback

Did you know our combined team tenure at Hampton Swim School equates to over 120 years? We are so proud of the longevity of the team and the consistency and comfort that brings to our swim families.

As you know, our team are selected for their positive, fun and nurturing natures, and are trained in our unique Hampton teaching philosophies and methods. To ensure continuous development, our team were asked to provide peer feedback on strengths and opportunities, and we are delighted to share some feedback with you here:

Miss Georgia | Program Representative | Hamptons team for 1 year

Miss Georia is an exceptional teacher and a quiet achiever.

She arguably has one of the hardest roles within Hampton Swim School, as the ‘spare’ teacher on two days, which means she supports where needed and has the ability to adapt to different swimmers’ needs and different swim levels.

Georgia is great at upholding the Hampton Swim School philosophies, especially when it comes to nurturing and celebrating her swimmers. She is punctual and ready to learn. Gentle and calm in nature and often the problem solver with a ‘think outside the box’ attitude.



Miss Sam| Program Representative| Hamptons team 10 months

Miss Sam’s friendly and bubbly personality makes her a firm favourite, especially with the young kids. Sam knows every swimmer and every class and she has amazing attention to detail.

Sam builds great relationships with her parents and swimmers and shows such genuine happiness when she is in the water teaching.

Sam is eager to learn, is a wonderful teacher and a valuable member of our team.


Miss Tori| Service Coordinator | Hamptons team for 2 years

Miss Tori knows every swimmer and family at Hampton Swim School! She has very strong connections with our swim families. Her calm and caring nature reassures even the most apprehensive swimmer. Miss Tori is naturally kind and caring and is excellent at providing feedback and advice to parents about the swimmers’ progress in lessons.

Miss Tori is constantly communicating to parents to ensure swim families are receiving the best service.

Keep being your lovely bubbly and smiley self as you are a pleasure to work with and we are very lucky to have you in our team.


Mr Sean| Program Representative | Hamptons team for 2 years

Mr Sean was voted ‘Team Member of the Quarter’ by his peers in December 2023. Mr Sean has contributed to our school swimming program and has taken on training our new team members. He also continues to actively seek support in his own teaching from our Service Team.

Mr Sean really cares about his students. He knows them not only by name but builds the rapport you need to connect with your students on a personal level.

He is kind-hearted, wants the best out of his swimmers and applies appropriate corrections to support swimmers to develop.


Mr Finn | Program Representative | Hamptons team for 3 years

Mr Finn Hampton Swim School

Mr Finn is an exemplary teacher, who is reliable, consistent and always willing to help. He genuinely cares about every student that he works with and builds a personal connection with that child, not only to gain respect from the child, but to build trust, which sometimes a male instructor doesn’t always typically get from the beginning.

Finn has a great understanding of the swim steps program, skill sets & order of progressions, the benchmarks that are required for each level & the individual corrections needed to improve technique. Finn is a valuable staff member and is wonderful to work with.



Miss Bec | Head of Teaching | Hamptons team for 12 years

Miss Bec Hampton Swim School

Miss Bec is a phenomenal swim teacher and is exceptional in all aspects of swim teaching. Her expertise ensures that our classes are executed efficiently and successfully. She builds exceptional relationships with the swimmers and parents and is excellent at providing action plans to help kids that need additional support in the pool.

Miss Bec goes above and beyond to make you feel like you are doing a great job and is very approachable and easy to talk to. She holds teachers accountable for the delivery of the program and does parent catchups to make sure there is two-way communication. Miss Bec is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field and is the person to go to if you need advice.

Coach Charles | Swim Coach | Hamptons team for 3 years

Charles is the role model within Hampton Swim School that all should aspire to be. He is consistent, progressive, innovative and has remodeled what a Head Coach should be with Hampton Swim School. His strengths are consistency, love of his role, willingness to assist where he can, always reliable, friendly and engaging. Team Accelerate Swim Squad kids are always happy, and Charles is an exceptional coach.

Charles is very professional in all aspects of teaching and working alongside his peers for a positive outcome. He is a problem solver rather than dwelling on the negatives. He holds the values of ‘nurture, achieve and celebrate’ to a very high standard.

Charles doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond, and he is very valuable to the Hampton Swim School team.


Mr Jason | Program Representative | Hamptons team for 8 years

Mr Jason Hampton Swim SchoolMr Jason has so much experience and wisdom to offer in our team. He is a patient and kind teacher and is such a gentle soul and an integral part of Hampton Swim School.

Parents love him and respect his knowledge and always seem engaged when he is giving them things to work on at home or letting them know what he’s working on with their child. He has a plan around each and every swimmer and class. Our swimmers are very lucky having his knowledge and experience guiding them in lessons.


Miss Kate | Program Representative | Hamptons team for 2.5 years

Miss Kate is what Hampton’s is all about. She is probably the most nurturing teacher I know. She is so patient with her classes and makes sure that they are all doing their best. Her teaching is exemplary, and this shows most in the strength of the trainees who have come through her classes.

What also makes her great is that she is a mum – reliable, efficient, organised, and able to get the job done.
Miss Kate is great at building relationships, supporting children and their individual needs, and helping unhappy swimmers to get swimming and progressing. She is friendly and fun. Great with students and staff. A pleasure to work alongside.


Mr Alex | Program RepresentativeHamptons team for 3 years

Mr Alex is a strong team leader and demonstrates all of the philosophies Hampton Swim School stands for. He is patient and calm with his students, and always makes sure he is being his best self, both in and out of the water.

Mr Alex is knowledgeable in all skills and is very effective in his class management, control, and flow.


Miss Jess G| Program Representative | Hamptons team for 1 year

Jess G’s classes are exemplary. She asks for advice where needed and has consistent progression in her classes.

It has been amazing to see Jess training new team members – this is a real strength of hers and we look forward to supporting Jess as she continues her journey with us.




Miss Kayla | Program RepresentativeHamptons team for 1 year

Miss Kayla is always such a fun, supportive team member to work with at Hampton Swim School.

She is so knowledgeable and has so many talents within her role. She presents herself well and is always willing to learn.



Mr Davide | Program RepresentativeHamptons team for 1 year

Mr Davide is such a quiet achiever. He is so unassuming and confident in what he is doing. A day with Mr Davide is a day with one less thing to think about in the most positive way.

Mr Davide wants to constantly learn and to provide a class that is beneficial for his students.




Miss Katie | Program RepresentativeHamptons team for 1 year

Miss Katie has a connection to, and passion for, her swimmers and their families.

Miss Katie shows a strong understanding of the program and ability to execute the activities every lesson. She is really informed and able to articulate information beautifully.