We are passionate about quality aquatic education and child safety. This goes beyond offering learn-to-swim programs for the past 21 years. We like to share our knowledge and expertise too. In this blog section you can read about a wide range of swim related topics.

Swimming vs Survival Skills for a School Aged Child

Parents are enrolling their children in water-familiarisation lessons at a younger age than ever before to ensure their child’s acclimation to the water at an early age. Also, given we inhabit a continent surrounded by coastline and live in a climate where aquatic recreation is available to many, becoming aquatically adept can be regarded as…


School Swimming Shame

School Swimming Shame Dec 2 Written by: 2/12/2010 10:58 PM  As reported recently in the media, it is estimated by the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia that nearly 1 in 5 children will leave Australian Primary Schools in a few weeks time without the required aquatic skills to swim 50m and unable to perform…


Baby’s First Swimming Lesson with Hampton Swim School: 7-month-old Ellie’s Mum Shares Her Insight Into the Experience

Elle’s first swimming lesson with Hampton Swim School Our daughter, Elle, has just turned 7 months old and had her first swimming lesson on Saturday. We couldn’t have been more excited about it! Dad, who we appointed as the regular parent in the pool for the lessons, was especially excited – It’s something he’s been looking…


Elle’s journey continues: a love affair going swimmingly or sinking?

Elle’s journey continues: a love affair going swimmingly or sinking? Last weekend marked the 6th week of Elle’s swimming journey. We’re about half way through the term now and feel it’s time to make a special announcement to the world… Elle loves swimming! At 8 months of age, her big, beautiful baby- expressions do the…