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Little Swimmers Big Achievements

Testimonial from mum Becky.

In just four months, our water-fearing 4-year-old boy has transformed into an absolute water-baby who is now swimming on his own, floating on his back, and diving under the water for sinkies! In fact, it is hard to keep him above the water now!

We are truly overjoyed and blown away at the speed in his progression and how quickly his confidence, ability and enjoyment of the water has developed since he started lessons in January this year. He has moved up three swim levels in four months which is just incredible.

Harvey started Prep this year and with school swimming scheduled for term 4, we knew Harvey needed to face his fear of the water and start swimming lessons.

We booked him in for 2 lessons a week (it’s 50% off the second lesson), as we don’t have a pool at home and we thought having less days between swim lessons might help.

Miss Tori, Mr Sean and Mr Finn have all been so welcoming, friendly and patient. They were so understanding of Harvey’s fear of the water and very gently introduced different activities to grow his confidence. Quickly, the volume of ‘no thank you’s’ and ‘I can’t do it’ from Harvey reduced and now he counts down the days until his next swimming lesson.

The combination of two lessons a week and the gentle approach of the swim teachers have been priceless. Harvey has a love of water that we didn’t think was possible and it is such a relief that he has learnt lifesaving skills to help keep him safer in and around water.