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Why core strength is important for swimmers.

Core strength is crucial for swimmers, as it directly impacts your performance in the water.

Let’s explore how core strength relates to different swim strokes.

Water is not as solid as one might think, and swimming through it is not easy. When we walk our feet pushes against the solid ground to move us forward. When we have a strong body/core, our body acts like the ground to allow us to push forward. Our initial focus helps us develop a strong core to move more effectively.

  1.  Freestyle
    • Body Positioning: Maintaining a horizontal position reduces drag and allows for streamlined movement.
    • Arm Movement: Alternating windmill-like arm strokes propel you forward.
    • Flutter Kick: Quick, compact kicks from the hips with pointed toes optimize propulsion.
    • Rhythmic Breathing: Coordinating breathing with arm movements is essential.
  2. Breaststroke:
    • Practicing breaststroke strengthens core muscles, improves hip flexibility, and enhances overall body coordination.
    •  Having a strong body position in Breaststroke helps us to lift our head to breathe whilst keeping our legs on top of the water without it dropping too much and creating unnecessary drag.
  3. Butterfly Stroke:
    • The butterfly stroke is the most challenging. It requires coordination, strength, and technique.
    • Core Movement: Dolphin-like undulations rely heavily on a powerful core to create a wave motion, propelling you forward.
    • By keeping our body long and strong can replicate the actions of a dolphin better and swim more efficiently.
  4. Backstroke:
    • Similar to freestyle, maintaining a horizontal position and engaging your core is crucial.
    • Arm Movements: Circular motions scoop the water and push it behind, requiring strength and coordination.
    • Flutter Kick: Straight legs and compact kicks contribute to efficient propulsion.

Why Core Strength Matters:

  • A strong core provides a foundation for faster and more powerful swimming.