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Little Swimmers Big Achievements- Miss Kate

  We bring you the inspiring journey of our beloved teacher, Miss Kate. 


Testimonial from Miss Kate.

I chose Hamptons swim school for the children, because it was in my local community and I liked their philosophies regarding teaching swimming- (nurturing, child focused program) this is also why I guess I chose to work here.

 Mischa’s started at approx three years of age and Steele and Gus started in the baby program around 12months.

I love Babysteps, because of the education behind the program. There is a reason for every activity, it all relates back to safety or providing ‘baby steps’ for what they will be doing in the future, as a more independent swimmer. It’s well researched and it’s also a great way to meet local parents with children the same age.

Mischa has competed for freestyle and butterfly at States and has regularly won age champ at school. Gus was age champ in year 6. All kids loved swimming at Morningside Flyer’s and Regularly placed at swim champs and other swim meets.

I became a teacher because I wanted a part time job, where I wouldn’t be sitting in an office or at a desk. I have always enjoyed working with children and love seeing them learn and develop.

I knew the Hamptons program from the kids swimming lessons and obviously agreed with the Hamptons philosophy and program, so it just seemed like a good idea. Hamptons high level of training and support was also a big part of me joining the team. The learning support in and out of the pool has been really impressive and they are always encouraging of professional development and assistance to help us be our best.