Pool Supervision Essentials For Parents

Pool Supervision Essentials  Everybody needs to remember not to be complacent about SUPERVISION as the primary layer of protection in the prevention of drowning. Vigilance is required, no matter how confident a young swimmer may be. Home pools are becoming more common every day. It is estimated now that more than 1 in 5 Australian homes […]

When is my Child Ready to Stop Swimming Lessons?

Oftentimes parents will assess the suitability of continuing swimming lessons. This usually happens several years after a child has begun swimming lessons, often at one of two critical points. The first being, the point in which the child has reached a level of competence, and the parent believes the child is now ‘water-safe’. The second, […]

Baby Bath Conditioning - How To Get Your Baby Used To Water

Baby Bath Conditioning: How to Familiarise Your Baby With Water and Prepare Them for Swimming Lessons

Preparing your baby for swimming lessons Babies arrive in the world from the warm liquid environment of their mother’s womb, free of inhibition and without an inbuilt fear of water. Typically, however, a baby’s innate responses to the aquatic environment are lost at around the age of 12 months, and they may sometimes develop a […]

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The Life-Long Benefits of Childhood Swimming: 7 Reasons to Learn to Swim Early in Life

Kids swimming lessons teach life skills that aren’t limited to the pool. As a child revels in their progress and success, they will gain a confidence within themselves that continues once they step out of the water and into other aspects of their lives. Swimming lessons are also a great for promoting teamwork, trust in others […]

How swimming lessons help with other sports and improve performance

How swimming lessons help with other sports and improve performance

Most people don’t know this little secret—but swimming lessons can help kids perform well in other sports. But not just kids: swimming lessons can improve performance in sports for people of all ages, including professional athletes. Swimming has many health-and-fitness benefits and helps build coordination skills. With regular swimming lessons, your child will find other […]