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Fun is Fundamental

Do you have a child that is fearful of the water? Do they cling to you when taken into water? Or are they reluctant to put their face in the water to the point of lessons have become upsetting for them and frustrating for you?

The Not Happy Chappie program ∞

Hampton Swim School prides itself on a gentle, nurturing approach to learning. Fun is FUNdamental! One thing that is paramount to our Swim School – at the core of our philosophies – is to nurture our swimmers so that their achievements – no matter how small – can be celebrated! We aim to understand a baby, toddler or child’s needs from a psychological and physiological perspective, and understanding and balancing these with the needs of the parents.

Every child’s aquatic reaction and experience is differing, and there are bound to be some tears and unhappy scenarios. These terrified or upset babies and children – these are our Hampton Swim School Not Happy Chappies, and we have developed a unique niche program to specifically cater for these swimmers.

Our Not Happy Chappies may be the 1st time 2 year olds in the pool, the overwhelmed infant, the inconsistent attendee, the child who after being perfectly comfortable in class is not fretful and clingy, or the child that has had an aquatic incident that has left them with negative feelings about swimming. These Not Happy Chappie’s have a streamlined, systemised structure to gain success; from identification, communication mechanisms & support strategies both in and out of the pool, including homework tasks to assist the process.

Our aim is to transition your Not Happy Chappie into a comfortable and settled swimmer, who is happy to be part of our lessons and learn life long skills in the water.

Hampton Swim School

Our business philosophy is to ‘Nurture, Achieve & Celebrate”, which stands at the forefront of our daily business practices and strategic operations.
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