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Want learning experiences that promote physical development in toddlers?

Swimming lessons offer so many benefits for toddlers. Firstly, there’s the big one: learning a skill that may save their life. But there are also many physical and cognitive benefits. So if you’re looking for learning experiences that promote physical development in toddlers, swimming classes at Hampton Swim School is one of the best things you can do.

How does swimming help physical development?

We don’t come out of the womb being able to swim; it’s something we must learn. Much like crawling and walking, swimming is a learning experience, and one that is very important for the rest of our lives.

Also, much like walking, swimming activates many muscle groups, and stimulates vital organs like the heart and lungs.

What physical development does swimming promote?

Learning Experiences That Promote Physical Development In ToddlersSwimming lessons can speed up your toddler’s physical development. So, by attending swimming classes at Hampton Swim School, they will have the opportunity to improve their:

  • muscle tone
  • coordination
  • balance
  • movement
  • fine motor skills
  • strength
  • health
  • fitness.

Why physical development in toddlers is so important?

Physical development in toddlers often goes hand in hand with cognitive development. In other words, when a toddler is learning something new that requires movement, their brain is learning how to coordinate different parts of the body to make this possible. When the brain does something repeatedly and it becomes a learned skill, this can then be drawn upon in the future.

So physical development is also about your toddler’s brain learning to do more complex things with parts of their body. It’s not just about learning to move certain muscles or how to do a swimming action—swimming can help make other learning experiences easier for your toddler too.

How physical development helps keep your toddler safe

In a country like Australia, it’s vital that your child starts swimming lessons from a young age. Not only are we a nation surrounded by water—and a landscape with many rivers, creeks and lakes—but our climate has also spawned many backyard pools.

The sooner your toddler learns to swim, the sooner they may be able to save their own life if they fall into a body of water.

Swimming is perhaps the most important learning experience and physical skill for a young child after crawling and walking. It can also help familiarise your child with water and to know that it can be dangerous.

How swimming helps other physical activity

Because swimming works on your toddler’s muscle tone and coordination (among other things), it can assist them during other physical activities. So, an added benefit of swimming lessons is that your toddler may improve their ability to walk and run, as well as play games and sports.

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