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Learn to Swim with Hampton Swim School

How A Learn To Swim Program Can Help Your Child

There’s a lot of excuses people make for why they haven’t enrolled their child into swim school. The weather, the child’s age or getting the timing right are all valid reasons to delay starting learn to swim lessons.

But  It might surprise you to learn that a swim program does so much more than just teach a child to swim! Stop making excuses and discover the many ways your child will benefit from a learn to swim experience.

 Learn about water safety

It’s not just about learning to swim. A learn to swim program will teach your child all about staying safe in and out of water. This type of knowledge isn’t only of benefit when around pools but also around beaches, dams, creeks and even the bath.

Gain confidence and persistence

Learning to ‘keep at it’ is an important skill for children to develop and will help them as adults in other aspects of life. A learn to swim program will encourage your child to keep trying until they succeed and gain confidence in their skills as a swimmer.

Build their academic skills

It may seem surprising, but swimming develops children’s coordination, concentration and left and right side of their brain. All these things contribute to children being better at reading, writing and other aspects of development. Younger children who regularly attend a swim program may even find it easier to hold a pencil and write letters correctly.

Stay fit

A learn to swim program is a great way for your child to stay fit. Swimming does wonders for adults’ fitness and it’s the same for a child. Swimming strengthens muscles and bones as well as maintaining cardiovascular fitness. It is a fantastic low impact exercise for growing bodies.

Make new friends

Making friends outside of school can be difficult for some children. Those that participate in a swim program are more likely to learn to make friends with common interests. These friendships can extend outside of the pool too and last a lifetime.

A learn to swim program gives your child the gift of an important life skill. Taught by accredited professionals, a swimming program goes above and beyond teaching your child to swim and its perks definitely outweigh all the excuses!

Are you ready to enroll your child in a learn to swim program? Contact Hampton Swim School in Brisbane today!

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