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How To Prepare Your Baby For Swimming

Baby swimming lessons

Having arrived from the liquid environment of their mother’s womb, babies feel quite comfortable in water, until the age of approximately 12 months, when they lose their natural responses to the aquatic environment. Starting swimming lessons before your baby develops a fear of water will give them a great advantage in building swimming skills.

Steps to Take Before Starting Swimming Lessons

Enrolling your child in swimming lessons may seem challenging at first, but with some preparation it will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for both the parent and the baby. Here are some steps to take:

Decide on the Best Time to Start

A general rule of thumb says you should wait until your baby is 3 months old, however, Hampton Swim School is the first swimming school in Australia offering free swimming classes for babies from birth to 3 months. Our BabyBegins program gently introduces children to water and creates a bonding opportunity for new parents and their babies. You can consult your health provider to make sure your baby is ready for swimming.

Familiarise Your Baby With Water During Bath Time

You can use bath time to get your baby accustomed to being in the water. We talk in depth about how to use bath time for water conditioning in the Baby Bath Conditioning blogpost.

Find a Swimming School That Provides Classes for Babies

Your baby needs proper conditions for its early swimming classes to benefit from them. At swim schools specialising in infant aquatics, like Hampton Swim School, the staff will make sure that the water in the pool is heated to the right temperature and that you and your baby make the most of the time spent in water. The instructors will guide you through a series of gentle activities that will contribute to your child’s development.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable in the Water Yourself

Swimming lessons should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for you and your baby. If you don’t feel comfortable in the water, think about taking a few swimming lessons to brush up your skills.

Arrive Early Enough to Prepare for the Swimming Lesson

Allow enough time to get you and your baby ready for the swimming class. Don’t feed your baby during the 30 minutes before class to avoid spitting up during the lesson.

What to Take Checklist:

  • Towels
  • Swimwear
  • Swim diapers
  • Dry clothes
  • Stroller or infant seat

Enjoy the Experience!

With proper preparation, your baby’s first swimming class will be an unforgettable experience for both of you. So why wait? Contact Hampton Swim School and schedule your newborn Swimming Class today!