Baby Begins

BabyBegins lessons are Australia’s first swimming lessons for babies, FREE from birth up to 6 months, specifically offered to local families (proof of address required 4170, 4171, 4172 and 4173).

Hampton Swim School is renowned for its child centered philosophies, having a major focus on a child’s age and stage of development, and linking these with our unique program activities.

Our BabyBegins classes are the first step to a lifetime of enjoying the water, we aim to introduce new parents and their babies into the wonderful world of water, provide an intimate bonding experience through gentle, teacher-led activities that aim to build your babies comfort and confidence

Baby swimming lessons may be an activity you thought about while pregnant but did you know that studies have shown children who swim are demonstrating more advanced cognitive and physical abilities and reaching key milestones earlier than children who don’t swim according to world-leading research led by Griffith University. Getting your little one in the pool sooner is a great idea.

Did you know swimming can also assist with sleeping and eating patterns? 

BabyBegins classes are not just about water safety actually this is just a small component of the program. BabyBegin’s is a positive, calm and gentle ‘reintroduction’ to the water, as they have recently exited the watery environment of the womb.

We know from experience how calming the water can be to a young infant, every class is filled with relaxed babies!

Held in our toasty outdoor pools heated to 33 degrees with heated change facilities for your comfort.

What do you learn a BabyBegins class?

  • How to safely enter and exit the water
  • Which holds and support to use in the water
  • Understanding of floatation in water versus gravity on land
  • Movements through the water with baby on horizontal, vertical, front and back axis’s for understanding of body control & independence in the aquatic environment
  • Wonderful social opportunity to meet like-minded new parents, and gain confidence to feel less overwhelmed with your newborn in the water



Nurture, Achieve & Celebrate

Our business philosophy is to ‘Nurture, Achieve & Celebrate”. Your kids are in the safest of hands at the Hampton Swimming School.