We are passionate about quality aquatic education and child safety. This goes beyond offering learn-to-swim programs for the past 21 years. We like to share our knowledge and expertise too. In this blog section you can read about a wide range of swim related topics.

Influential Sports Coaches

A Sports Coach Should Also Be a Mentor From humble aquatic beginnings at my local Swim Club and then subsequently through my many years of training up and down that black line in preparation for swimming for Australia, I was fortunate enough to be coached by two gentleman who, apart from their obvious contribution to…


Pool Fencing Regulations In Queensland

An adequate barrier around a swimming pool is a critical component of child drowning prevention While constant supervision of a young child around water is imperative, as any parent knows this is sometimes unachievable, and the installation of a standards-compliant pool fence represents another layer of protection that can assist in reducing the probability of…


When Not to Swim

                  Many parents struggle with the decision regarding whether or not they should allow their sick child to participate in their regular swim lesson. It’s not always easy to know whether your child should attend swimming lessons when sick or stay home. That’s because ‘sickness’ in children…


Lap Swimming Etiquette

Lap Swimming Rules To Ensure the Workout is Safe and Enjoyable for Everyone There’s no question that the instruction provided by a coach can serve as a powerful motivation tool. However, not everyone is available to participate in set squad session times, and not everyone wants to be a part of a social swim squad or…


To Goggle or Not to Goggle

The wearing of goggles in swimming pools is commonplace and indeed goggles are often worn by children in swimming lessons from a very young age. However, it may surprise many parents to learn that the decision to have their child wear goggles is one that may potentially endanger their child’s life! Why Google are used…


Improving Technique

Improving Swimming Technique While swimming is a great sport, for many it does not come naturally, and learning how to swim efficiently requires time and commitment on the part of the individual, as well as the development of stamina and coordination. If you want to improve your swimming ability or you need some extra tips…