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Why Learning to Swim is Important

Why Learning to Swim is Important

Babies learn so many new things at a rapid rate. From the moment they enter the world, their brains are making connections and they are interacting with the world through their senses. It’s not long before they are achieving major milestones, such as crawling, walking and talking. Learning to swim is another one they can eventually achieve.

You might be starting to think about extra-curricular activities you might like to do with your baby. Perhaps baby gym, music or art classes take your fancy. There’s a world of activities in Brisbane that you can do with your child and they all have their benefits. Giving your child the gift of swimming, is one that you will never regret. You will be giving your child one of the most important life skills they can have. It will stay with them forever. Unlike learning milestones such as walking, swimming needs to be taught and experienced before it can be mastered.

Is learning to swim really that important though? The answer is absolutely yes. Here’s why:

Swimming keeps you safer 

Swimming can save the life of you or someone else in an emergency. The ability to swim keeps people safe around beaches, pools, rivers and other waterways. It also opens people up to participating safely in a whole new world of experiences including scuba diving, jet-ski rides, surfing and so much more!

Swimming keeps your body and mind healthy

Learning to swim gives you one of the only forms of low impact exercise that works your whole body at once. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. It both strengthens and tones your body.

Swimming also contributes to strengthening the left and right sides of the brain. It is both relaxing and stimulating for the mind.

Swimming keeps you happy

Swimming is a great relaxant and learning to swim means you can partake in social situations you might have otherwise missed out on! From pool parties to getting on a canoe or exploring overseas, swimming keeps you social and happy, for life.

Swimming keeps you confident

Swimming from an early age teaches children to have realistic, attainable goals and to celebrate their achievements when they reach that goal. This builds self confidence which is something they can take with them to their schooling, workplace and beyond. There’s always ways to challenge yourself in the water even if you are an experienced swimmer. There are new strokes to swim and times to beat so there’s always ways to build that confidence!

Anyone at any age can start learning to swim. From babies to adults, there’s a class to suit all abilities. Call Hampton Swim School in Brisbane and learn to swim today.