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What to Look for in Babies Swimming Lessons

There is a lot to consider when considering swimming lessons for babies. It’s important to research all your options to find one that is the right fit for you, and your baby. The sooner you settle into swimming lessons that are just right, the sooner both you and your baby will feel comfortable and be able to enjoy being in the water together!

So what should you look for in swimming lessons for babies in Brisbane?

1. A comfortable environment

A warm pool can make all the difference to how your child handles being in the water! It’s much more comfortable for you too if the water is warm when you are in it with your baby.

Small classes are also important, and be sure to check if the pool is open to the public during babies lessons. If they are, you can expect it to get quite busy or difficult to hear the instructor, particularly if lessons are on a weekend in the summer.

2. Learning for you and your baby

Look for swimming lessons for babies that are about you, as much as your baby. Good swimming lesson for babies will teach you how to handle your baby in the water, get them in and out of the pool and give ideas for water games you can play with your baby.

3. Trained, calm and confident teachers

Some babies will scream in the water, whether it’s warm or cold! It can be a little daunting for you if this happens when your baby enters the pool. Trained and experienced teachers will be used to this, and will be able to make you and your baby feel relaxed about the learning process, even if your child is upset. Look for a swim school that is structured and organised enough to allow you to have one on one time with the teacher, if needed.

4. A clear program with ways for babies to progress

While babies swimming lessons are essentially about familiarisation and safety in the water, it is important to look for lessons that provide clear goals and ways to very gently encourage babies to move onto the next stages of their swimming journey, as they become older and more developmentally ready to take on the next challenge.

If you find a swim school that looks like it appeals to you, the best way to know for sure is to pop in and observe a lesson!

Hampton Swim School in Brisbane provides an excellent program for babies and cater for a variety of needs. Contact us join or observe a lesson today.