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What To Look For In A Swim School Brisbane

What You Should Look For In A Swim School

Once you have made the decision to send your kids to swim school, choosing which one in Brisbane they go needs careful consideration. It’s much easier to get it right the first time than it is to change teachers just when your child’s getting used to the routine.

Before making your final choice, you may want to explore your options by observing a lesson and checking out the facilities. There are a number of other things you may want to take into account too.

 A swim school should run all year

You may choose not to have you child enrolled in swim school all year round but it should definitely be an option. The swim school should provide heated pools, particularly for infants but also younger children. The shock of a cold pool, particularly for beginners, can play a big part in the nervousness and hesitation of getting in the water. A swim school that runs all year allows for access during all seasons.

A swim school should be safe and comfortable

You should only look for swim schools that are run by accredited teachers with First Aid qualifications. The pools at the swim school should be clean and well maintained. The teachers should be friendly and relaxed with children, but also always supervising and providing good, clear instruction.

A swim school should have small groups

Small groups allow for individual attention from teachers as well a ensuring that each child is safe in the water. These groups should be based on skill level so that students are ‘in it together’ and not feeling overwhelmed or bored if the group is well above or well under their skills level.

A swim school should celebrate successes

Children love positive praise and reinforcement. It’s no different in the water. A good swim school will celebrate each child’s efforts and successes. It will also reassess their skills from time to time to see if they are ready to move into a more advanced group.

A swim school should be fun

Last, but not least, a swim school should be a lot of fun! It’s not necessarily all about swimming technique, particularly for younger children. Having fun while being safe in and around water fosters the Brisbane lifestyle we all know and love. A good swim school will provide a variety of activities in a fun, yet safe and structured environment.

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