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What are the benefits of these items? 

Swim Cap: a kit essential, swim caps are required in our pools for various reasons. They are worn to keep hair out of the swimmer’s face and in the cooler months also keep swimmers warmer.

Kit Bag: perfect for storing all training aids / equipment to & from the pool, made from mesh fabric to allow drainage & airflow.

Kickboard: a kickboard is an essential training accessory allowing you to focus on kicking technique and increase leg strength.

Fins: fins allow you to improve your kick in a natural way, are shaped in a hydro-dynamic way, which enhances your movement in the water. These tech fins strengthen your muscles during your swimming exercises.

Pull Bouy (suitable for Silver & Black Squad): Pull buoys create extra buoyancy for your hips, to bring your body position in line so you are more streamlined. This can help you to focus on the rest of your stroke, build core strength, slow down your stroke.


Team Accelerate Welcome Pack Order Form

  • Our Squad pack includes a Team Accelerate Swim Cap, Kickboard, Team Accelerate Kit Bag and Fins. We recommend to order our Team Accelerate Welcome Pack in one go (at this discounted rate). If you would rather purchase items separately, please do so with the separate options.
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