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Kids stress relief through swimming lessons at Hampton Swim School

How swimming helps with kids’ stress relief

Just like us, kids get stressed and swimming is one of the best activities to help them relax and get back to feeling their usual selves again. Whether it’s the pressure of classroom learning, playground antics, starting at a new kindergarten or family changes, regular swimming will help them stay balanced, here’s why.

1. Swimming makes kids feel good

Swimming, like all aerobic exercises, can help relieve stress in kids because a good swimming session can release endorphins into their body. Endorphins are the natural feel-good compound in our bodies. Swimming exercise also releases serotonin which influences mood.

2. Swimming burns off extra energy

When kids are swimming it gives their bodies a good, all over work out. It gets their circulation going and spends all the stored energy they may have from sitting, still, quiet and in concentration in a class room all day long.

3. Better brain connections are made

The coordination of arm and leg movements when swimming, especially with cross-crawl style strokes like freestyle and backstroke, can help build better left and right brain connections. According to research in the article ‘Staying Happy’ in Swimmer magazine, swimming can promote the grown of brain cells too.

4. Swimming rhythm promotes relaxation

Swimming is like meditation according to the article, and we have to agree. When kids are swimming their different muscles are stretching and relaxing at the same time they are deep breathing in rhythm to their strokes. All of this combined is similar relaxation patterns and techniques in activities like yoga.

5. Swimming clears their mind

Learning and practicing different strokes can keep kids minds’ focused on the task at hand. So rather than being trapped in replaying their thoughts of the day or worrying about the future, they think about how they are moving their body to stay afloat and propel through the water.

So think about regular swimming lessons for your child to help them balance the demands of a busy kid

life. And remember, that if they do have upsets in their life, maintaining regular swimming lessons will be a really good way to help them cope. You might even like to do some laps yourself.