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“Living in Australia, we consider swimming an essential life skill”

On 29 June 2021 it is exactly a year since our swim school re-opened our doors and pools after the big COVID-19 lockdown! We were so happy to get back into it and see our swim families again. Some re-started a little later, some were back that very first day. We asked a few of these Hampton families what their experience was, coming out of the lockdown and jumping straight back into swimming lessons. Did they notice any regressions in their kids’ swimming, how did they cope with those cooler temperatures, how important are swimming lessons to them?

Meet the Lacey family: Catherine, James, Thomas, Michael & Jack. They have been part of the Hampton Swim School community ever since the boys were babies and one of the families who returned the day we reopened, in the middle of Brisbane winter, which we call ‘the cooler months’ in our tropical side of the world. What motivated them most to resume swimming lessons? Mum Catherine explains.

“Living in Australia, we consider swimming an essential life skill. The boys love swimming at Hamptons and we know it has so many benefits for them, so we were keen to get them back in the pool right away. We do a lot of swimming at the beach and in our pool over the summer months, so we wanted to make sure they remained competent and confident in the water. They have swum through every winter since they were babies, so that didn’t worry us at all!”

With their year round swimming, those few months of lockdown luckily did not have the biggest effect on their swimming skills. “Initially they needed to rebuild a bit of confidence and endurance again, but overall, I don’t think there was too much regression. We have been really impressed though with how far they have come since they restarted. The boys have really improved their stroke technique”, says Catherine. “We are so grateful to the wonderful staff at Hamptons. They are always so accommodating, understanding and professional. We love being a part of the Hamptons community.”

A big thank you to the Lacey family for sharing their experience!