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Kids swimming lessons water safety with Hampton Swim School

Kids Swimming Lessons Start Water Safety For Life

Kids swimming lessons are gearing up ready for a long hot summer where children will have access to water everywhere – from beaches, rivers and creeks to big swimming pools and small wading pools. This makes water safety an important topic now, for children of any age. Here’s how swimming lessons start life-long water safety relevant to your child’s age.

Babies and toddlers – with and without kids swimming lessons

Babies and toddlers, whether they’ve been in kids swimming lessons already or starting soon, can be the most inquisitive around water. Water just looks like a whole lot of fun and most want to get in it. Learning to swim helps this age group to develop some confidence in the water and begin to understand their abilities and how to be safer around water. At this stage they also learn how to independently manoeuvre in the water, as well as safety skills such as safe water entries, turn arounds and how to climb out of a pool.

Pre-school and early primary school – swimming lessons and water safety

Children in this age group are still inquisitive about water and swimming lessons really help them build on their water safety skills. Kids now need to really focus on buoyancy to float in the water and breath control, as well as paddling. With these skills children can swim back to the edge of a pool and move on to learning swimming strokes.

Middle to upper primary school – water safety and swimming lessons

Water safety is pretty entrenched in kids who have been having swimming lessons up to this age. Now the focus is to develop their swimming strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Having good techniques in some if not all of these strokes makes it easier for children to swim further for longer. They may even like swimming so much they join a swim squad or nippers surf lifesaving program.
So at any age, kids swimming lessons goes hand-in-hand with keeping your children safer around water. Firstly learning the importance and practices of water safety, then in learning how to swim different strokes to become a strong swimmer. It will also give you peace of mind to develop swimming skills in your young child now and that they will retain their whole life.