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Our little Piranha class have been swimming with Miss Bec since they were 8 weeks old. They have been consistent in coming to lessons and she has loved watching them grow and learn through each part of our babysteps program. Miss Bec cannot believe how fast the 3 and half years have gone and will be graduating to our Octopus level in July.

What parents had to say-

Emma’s mum: The focus on safety and independent swimming, continued communication from service to support the social aspect to continue to swim with friends with class schedules.

Kinsee’s Mum: Kinsee started from 8 weeks old and with consistency and confidence in the water she can now swim in our pool at home by herself with supervision.

Poppy’s Mum: Poppy has worked through her fears through her age and development and always been supported through her ups and downs and personality types.

Archer’s Nan: Loves learning to swim and learning to follow instructions with positive reinforcement.

Jasmine’s mum: Being able to swim with our friends and build not just child friendships but for us parents too-the social aspect.