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How Long Does it Take To Learn To Swim?

How long does it take…? This is one of the most ‘googled’ questions when it comes to swimming lessons. And the search results will show you a pool of different answers. Why? Because learning to swim is the same as learning to walk, learning to read, learning to talk, to use the potty, or ride the bike. For some it only takes a few months, for others it can take a few years. It depends on so many things, from natural ability and focus to the parents’ love or fear of the water.

Yes, your child can go fast with a ‘learn to swim speed program’, but it does not mean it will stick. Simple skills will, like how to enter the pool safely or how to avoid getting water in your lungs. But it does not make them ‘water safe’. When kids learn to read the alphabet, it does not mean they can read a book.

As with all learning of life skills, repetition and consistency are key. Repetition reinforces the neurological pathways in our brain, which makes our movements and responses intuitive. And with concistency these movements will become stronger, faster and natural. Consistency means regular swimming lessons, and practice, all year round.

We have taught more than 43.000 children how to be safer in and around the water. We look at each child individually and as a whole, so we can fully support child and parents in their learn-to-swim journey. How long does it take? Let’s find out together.

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