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Babies Swimming Lessons When They Don’t Like the Bath With Hampton Swim School

Why choose babies swimming lessons when your baby doesn’t like the bath

Babies swimming lessons can have a wonderful effect on babies that don’t like the bath. There are some stages in many babies’ little lives where they make the move from loving water and the sensations that it offers, to not liking water at all – it’s pretty common. But while there can be many reasons why your baby doesn’t like the bath, taking up baby swimming lessons can produce good results in changing your baby’s approach to water.

Babies swimming lessons and bath fear

We understand that babies swimming lessons can seem like an impossible task when your little one doesn’t even like getting wet in a bath tub. But learning to swim can pay off well for both baby and parent. A baby may not like bath water due to an unpleasant bath experience already – like slipping under the water or twisting and turning to get out of the bath. Or a baby’s fear of water can be sudden and for no particular reason.

How babies swimming lessons can help

Choosing to take your child to babies swimming lessons changes the dynamics of where and when your little one is around water. Previously it may have always been in a bathroom or a little baby bath tub. At swimming lessons there is a bright environment with other children who are having fun. Lessons specifically for babies can help by:
• Focusing on a positive introduction to the water
• Using water familiarisation and awareness strategies
• Engaging instructors who are trained and experienced
• Building your baby’s confidence in the water.

Dedication to help upset babies

With a gentle, nurturing approach, and some fun for good measure, babies swimming lessons in a dedicated program – like the Not Happy Chappy’s class [link to www.hamptonswimschool.com.au/lessons/not-happy-chappie-program] can really help. Dedicated and caring instructors work with children with more severe cases of water aversion so they feel comfortable and settled in the water.

So don’t put off babies swimming lessons until your child is happier even in the bath, try using lessons to help your little one to gain more confidence and happiness in the water.