Lessons Offered

BabySteps Swim Program (from birth to 3 years)

baby begins swimming lessons


From womb to water

starfish swimming lessons


3-9 months

jellyfish swimming lessons


10-16 months

turtle swimming lessons


17-30 months

penguin swimming lessons


2-3 years

SwimSteps Swim Program (from 2.5 years+)

Swim Training Squads

Swim Club Affiliations

Adult Swimming

About our Swimming Programs and Classes

At Hampton Swim School, we offer a range of learn-to-swim classes for babies and toddlers, swim development classes for children, swim training squads for older kids, and even adult swimming classes.

Our youngest swimmers are newborns, with BabyBegins classes allowing bubs to transition ‘from womb to water’. This is the first level of our BabySteps Swim Program, which caters for kids aged 0-3 years. Following BabyBegins, we have other learn-to-swim classes separated into the following age ranges: 3–9 months, 10–16 months, 17–30 months, and 2–3 years.

For children aged 2.5­ years and up, we have our next level of classes—the SwimSteps Swim Program. This program also has a range of classes, but instead of being separated based on age, each class is about learning a new set of skills. So children can move through these classes at their own pace, and progress according to skill level and development rather than age.

For older kids we have 3 fantastic Swim Training Squads (Junior, Intermediate, and High-Performance). And for older people who have never had the opportunity to learn to swim properly, or want to improve their swimming skills, we have Adult Swimming Lessons tailored to your needs.

To find out more about our swim programs and swim classes, simply click on any of the links or images in the page above, or contact us.