Baby Steps ∞ 3 months to 3 years

Baby steps Swim Program

Parents love the structure and progression of our BabySteps Program – as your child works through our gradual 24 week program, parents will see weekly progressions and improvement that delivers quality results and super happy swimmers! And of course baby acquires the skills from this program they need to start their learn to swim adventure as they gain confidence to manoeuvre through water independently for several metres in the correct body position! Every activity in our BabySteps Swim Program has a purpose and a progression. By the end of our 4th BabySteps Swim Program level, your child will have completed a gentle and happy transition to participating in a lesson without their parent/carer in the water, ready to learn directly with our teaching team members……of course this is not the end…’s just the beginning!!

Starfish program ∞

Our Starfish level provides a wonderful introduction to the joys of aquatics and water familiarisation for 3-9 month olds. Using gentle, progressive water based activities that also assist in strengthening the bond between parent and baby, parents will marvel at how much their baby learns. Parents also love learning how to teach their baby to enjoy their aquatic experiences through quality instruction and education from our specialised Infant & Babies swim teachers. Class sizes are capped at a maximum of 8 babies.

Jellyfish Program ∞

Once between 10-16 months, our Jellyfish program enables development of water awareness and confidence through aquatic activities that will challenge and delight your bub! As your child becomes more mobile, our program progresses consistently to meet their changing physical and emotional needs. Focus at our Jellyfish level is on your baby feeling relaxed and comfortable in the water, leading to increasing independence, gaining distance through submersion swims and improved respect for the aquatic environment through the learning of safety activities. Classes are capped at a maximum of 8 babies.

Turtle Program ∞

For those toddlers between 17-30 months in our BabySteps Swim Program, safety is an important component of their Turtle’s lessons. This age bracket is frequently inquisitive and fearless; not able to comprehend the consequences of their actions. Our Turtles program allows your child to explore and develop their aquatic capabilities and boundaries through structured, challenging activities, that also incorporate social aspects to allow for their developing learning and social needs. Classes are capped at 8 swimmers.

Penquin Program ∞

Our Penguin swimmers are between 2-3 years of age who have achieved previous BabySteps levels at Hampton Swim School. Penguins are confident, strong, independent swimmers, who are working towards being solo in the pool without their parents’ assistance – ready to learn from our teaching team members. By the end of Penguins (and our BabySteps Swim Program!) your child will be able to manoeuvre a distance of 5 metres across the pool, being comfortable with rolling over to get their breath, before continuing to find the safety of the pool ledge. During this unique transition stage, our classes are capped at 5 swimmers.

Parents Say

Sarah & Her Son Isaac, 1 Years Old  “My son Isaac has been swimming with Hampton Swim School for around a year and has really taken to the water!! He is extremely confident and happy in class and in our pool at home, and I believe this can be attributed to our fantastic teachers and the wonderful ways of Hampton’ Swim School. I have recommended the swim school to many of my friends, family, even strangers in the park (!!) and will continue to do so. The friendly and professional manner of all the team at HSS, plus the awesome communication and variety of opportunities make it a great place to be a part of for kids and parents. Isaac also attends TumbleTastics. It is so much fun to be with other kids and do activities that you often just don’t have the materials or equipment for at home. With another baby on the way for us, I think that our family is going to be part of the HSS family for quite some time!! Thanks Hampton Swim School!”