∞ Adult Swimming lessons ∞

Adult Swimming Lessons

Hampton Swim School provides private, semi-private and group adult swimming lessons for people looking to establish or improve their swimming skills and an Adult swim squad for more confident swimmers.

Private, semi-private & group Adult Swimming Lessons

Not confident in the water? Never been taught how to swim or aiming at learning? Our tailored Adult Learn to Swim program provides education of basic skills such as buoyancy, breath control and propulsion in a comfortable and patient environment. Whether you have never swum before or want to refine your technique, why not try a private or semi-private swim lessons to suit all abilities.

Adult Swim Squad ∞

For more confident swimmers wanting to improve their fitness or take their swimming to the next level – our Adult Swim Squad provides stroke correction, strength, endurance and fitness training for lap swimmers to advanced trainers of all ages. Adult Squad swimming helps with developing aquatic skills along with building strength and endurance both in and outside the water. Technique, stroke correction/development and encouragement is provided by coaches to reach personal goals and achieve fitness results.