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If you’re considering enrolling your child or yourself in swimming lessons in Brisbane, now is always the perfect time to start!

Parents often delay swimming lessons during the cooler months and consider swimming a summer activity. Read on to find out why it’s so important to keep your children in the pool through summer and winter!

Swimming lessons for all seasons

Queensland’s tropical climate means that the winter months can be quite mild, making swimming lessons in Brisbane more appealing than some colder areas! Even so, most places that offer swimming lessons will have heated pools over the cooler months to ensure the comfort of little bodies.

More importantly, the benefits of year round swimming lessons make the chilly dash to the hot showers well worth it for your child’s health and safety!

Whether you’re looking to enrol your child in swimming lessons for the first time, or continue on from previous lessons, there are a number of reasons to keep on swimming.

Swimming through the winter months

·         Confidence – Swimming lessons in Brisbane are especially important for children; South East Queensland has a vast array of beautiful locations for swimming, and it’s a big part of Australian culture to get in the water from a young age. Whether it’s the pool, beach, river or lake, being capable and confident in the water is imperative for young children. The earlier they get acquainted with the water, the better.

·         Repetition – Children need repetition when learning in order to retain information. A child that is enrolled in swimming lessons only during the summer will have difficulty retaining what they learned after months out of the pool. Rather than starting over each year, keep your child’s learning fresh and allow them to develop in the water all year long.

·         Active bodies – There are a wide range of activities available to keep children busy and entertained throughout the year, but not all of them will save your child’s life in an emergency. It’s of the utmost importance to keep your child’s swimming skills up to date. In addition, it’s also a wonderful activity for keeping fit and active, and its fun!
Hampton Swim School offers a range of swimming lessons for Brisbane southside families all year round. Contact us today