BabyBegins – Infant Swimming Lessons
Birth to 3 Months

From Womb to Water….

BabyBegins lessons are Australia’s first swim classes for babies from birth to 3 months, specialising in infant swimming lessons and a baby focused experience that new parents can share

Hampton Swim School is renown for its child centred philosophies, having a major focus on a child’s age and stage of development, and linking these with our unique BabySteps program activities. Our BabyBegins infant swimming lesson classes aim to introduce new parents and their babies into the wonderful world of water, and provide an intimate bonding experience through gentle, teacher-led activities.

Infant Development through Swimming Lessons

We wanted to share the joy parents can have participating in water activities with their newborns; for parents to be educated on how the water can attribute to their physical, social, emotional aspects and babies’ development in terms of facilitating their land based progress including sleep and feeding.

Water Safety

BabyBegins classes are not just about water safety – actually this just a small component of the program. BabyBegin’s is a positive, calm and gentle introduction to the water – actually – we should say ‘reintroduction’ to the water, as they have recently exited the watery environment of the womb.

Social Environment

We know from experience how calming the water can be to a young infant, and with the right environment to operate these classes in, our 20 minute classes also provide a supportive social environment for new parents.

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